Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Golden Milk

Does anyone else who was a working mom feel like that from the time their babies were born until they were in school full time they had NO social life?  Yep-it was tough.  I had NO LIFE outside of going to work in a cubicle + taking care of the kids!  I was almost sad […]

I FINALLY Found a Local Yoga Class That Actually SPEAKS to Me!

I am sure that I’m not alone in confessing that I used to find the thought of Yoga to be really boring and useless.  The occasional class I would try left me eager to leave the room and find a nice Malbec, or hop on a treadmill to work out the frustration that I thought Yoga was supposed […]

DELICIOUS Carrot-Ginger Soup

Today I had a little extra breathing room to make another recipe for my blog thanks to this beautiful snow that’s coming down right now-I sort of had a feeling that my 6pm class would be cancelled.  Plus I’m on Phase 1 right now of the TLS 21 Day Challenge-6 days in with 1 more […]

Green and White HEALTHY Hash Browns!!

OH MY GAWD!  This was the BEST and because it was a HIT I had to hurry up and post right away even though I really should be reading Chapter 3 for Sports Management and working on my movement analysis for Kinesiology and studying for my Exercise Phys exam this week.  I just ate a […]

My Take on Oprah’s Weight Watchers Message

Last week, in between studying for my classes I took a break and watched an on demand episode of Chicago Med.  I LOVE that new show!  It’s exactly what it sounds like and more!  It’s NBC giving ER another go around I think-but better!  The thing with on demand though is that you have to watch […]

Chicken Meatballs with Asian Vegetables

Guess what.  Dinner was a hit and sometimes in my high-maintenance blended family what ends up being a hit totally surprises me.  So I wanted to hurry up and post it before someone in my family changed their mind and said it was “ok” instead of “really good”!!!  Tonight’s dinner was really simple!  I had […]

Smoky Veggie Egg Muffins for On-the-Go Goodness

Peeps, the last two weeks have been a shit show!  Seriously. I know I’m not alone in saying that sometimes eating healthy and properly can be a challenge when faced with a daunting schedule of activities.  I mean, seriously I’m supposed to get up at 5:30am for 6 am Crossfit, get 3 kids off to […]

Rose Flower Shaped Cake Pops + My favorite in-a-pinch cocktail that’s NOT sugary

This past weekend, my beautiful almost-Step Daughter Rose  turned 12 years old.  12!  Wow, I met her when she was in kindergarten going into 1st grade and MAN where has time flown to?!  I wish I was a genius scientist like Matthew McConaughey’s character in Interstellar and can figure out a way to jump back […]

How Fitbit is Helping Me Keep My Healthy Lifestyle and Reach Weight Loss Goals!

I’m 1 year in to my decision to change my habits and be healthy in all aspects of wellness.  In one year I’ve gone from a sedentary, sad person back to an active, happy chick always excited about something.  About 4 months into my transformation I started to wear an activity tracker.  I had tried out a few […]

5 Reasons to Splurge on Yourself

Do you feel guilty when you spend money on yourself or when you take time away from your family?  Do you sacrifice things you enjoy in order to save as much as you can for other people or things?  WELL let me tell you peeps that an occasional splurge or semi-frequent splurge is a GOOD […]