7 Day Detox

So, why detox?  It is a fabulous approach to achieving optimal health and wellness, and losing some bloat and inches doesn’t hurt either!  Completing a detox 1-4 times per year helps not just your metabolism but also helps to eliminate some of the toxins in your body.  People will do a detox for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is to jump start a weight loss program.  Even if you eat healthy and organic, your are still exposed to environmental toxins that you cannot eliminate. From pollution to second hand smoke, to that alcoholic beverage or binge dinner, your body gets affected.  So, it is important to detoxify your cells to keep them as healthy as possible.  Cleansing with the nutrients from fruits and vegetables with limited lean proteins and healthy oils, coupled with the TLS Detox Kit ensures a gentle, yet effective cleanse.  For anyone who purchases the TLS Detox kit, you save almost $50 as opposed to buying the products separately and I will provide you with a free Detox Menu Plan and some great recipes.  (just send me an email with your name and order number to kellygracegauthier@gmail.com)   You will also get 3 additional weeks of supplementation to ensure that you continue to fight off those nasty free radicals that attach to your cells.  They will continue to keep your cravings in check and besides, you get some good nutrients to continue on with your journey!

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Check out the Detox video one of my mentors recorded below!