TLS 21 Day Challenge

21Days_goal_photoThe TLS 21 Day Challenge is designed to help you lose 5-20 pounds in 21 days and/or to jump start a 12 week program.  There are 2 phases during this 21 day period.  Phase 1 is a cleanse phase- a fresh start for your body.  This invigorating cleanse helps curb your cravings for sweet, fatty, and salty foods while supporting your weight loss efforts.  Don’t worry– you eat during this phase!!!  Phase 1 prepares your body for phase 2- the fat burning phase.  Phase 2 is where you will continue to see fat and inches lost while targeting stubborn belly fat.  Your 21 Day challenge can start whenever YOU want.  Most people have loved it so much that they get at least 2-3 friends to do it with them to keep them more accountable.  (plus friendly support and competition is a positive for everyone)  During this challenge, you will receive your challenge kit, which contains everything you need to succeed!  You kit contains science formulated supplements to help your body and metabolism as well tracking sheets, and a challenge guide which outlines everything you need to know, including a list of power foods to eat during your 21 days.  You will follow your challenge guide throughout your 21 days.  If you want MORE accountability, check in with me daily during those 21 days to ensure you are burning fat, eating the right foods, staying on track and exercising.  Don’t worry, you don’t NEED to check in with me…it is just a service I provide for anyone doing the challenge. I have seen 5-20 detox_infographicpounds lost during these 21 days, so can you DROP AND GIVE ME 21 DAYS???  AND:

  • For anyone that gets 10 friends, family, co-workers to join the challenge with them, you will get your challenge kit for FREE!!  
  • For anyone who gets 21 friends, family, co-workers to join the challenge you will get their kit for free and the biggest loser will get a $250 prize!
  • For anyone who gets 3 friends, family, co-workers to join the challenge you will get their kit for 10% off!!   For more information, please contact me!  WE WORK WITH CORPORATIONS, SMALL BUSINESSES, AND 8 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!

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