12 Week Healthy Space

Whether you have chosen the 21 Day Challenge, the 12 Week Program, the 7-Day Detox, or the Kids Shape Up program, you have taken the first steps towards reaching your goals!  Participants of the 12 week program can shed 24-36 pounds while blasting fat and inches off of their bodies!  If you started today, can imagine how you’d feel and look in 3 months?  Probably really great.  This program is 100% backed by science and Health Care providers feel confident in referring patients  that need to make changes to their health ASAP to a low-glycemic lifestyle!  My goal and commitment to you is to motivate, support and guide you, answer your questions and keep you ACCOUNTABLE!  This program is done 100% from your home.  I do have group programs available too, (at least 5 people required) but this 12 week program is a huge favorite.  Can you imagine losing 24-36 pounds?  And you do it by eating low-glycemic foods-probably more food than you are eating now!  (many people STILL skip breakfast or don’t eat soon enough in the day believe it or not).

You get SOOO MUCH accountability with this program.  During your 12 weeks, you get 5 different fat fighting menu plans that are sent out throughout your 12 weeks.  No boredom!  We keep expanding your program to get you into a habit of healthy eating (and yes  you get to indulge a bit when you reach your goal).  Studies show it takes 21 days to make something a habit, each day for 3-4 weeks, you will check in with me.  You simply take a picture of your daily journal and text or email to me every night.  This way I can critique your day and offer some valuable tips to help you for the next day.  During the first 3 weeks you get metabolism boosting, curb craving, fat blasting programs to jump start  your weight loss efforts.  During weeks 4-12, you will 3 other fat blasting swift result programs that allow for more leeway.  We do not restrict the nutrients (proteins, carbs, fats).  You will be amazed at how much you will eat and still lose inches and fat!!  You also need to find an exercise program.  I am happy to help you with an exercise prescription.  Every “weigh in Wednesday”, you will check in with me to report your weight and inches lost and we will tackle together the obstacles life throws at you.

Each week, you will be educated on a new topic because knowledge is power.  I’ll send you information reading labels, detoxification, improving your metabolism,  healthy fats, exercise, nutrition basics, creating healthy habits, managing stress, planning and dining out, overcoming obstacles and achieving life long success.  I’ll send you this via weekly emails so you know exactly what to do during the week.   Your 12 week program also includes science-based vitamins and supplements to help you accelerate your results.  I waive my coaching fee to be able to provide 100% of your program to YOU with metabolic support and education!  Have you heard of istonic vitamins?  I have personally been using them for 2 years and I swear by them.  I actually used to get sick from vitamins and these don’t make me sick because they are free of dyes, fillers, binders, chemicals, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, etc…

You will get an Isotonic multivitamin, Isotonic OPC-3 (the most powerful antioxidant on earth), Nutrcleanse-7 day system, isotonic B complex (every cell in your body needs B vitamins), isotonic digestive enzymes with probiotics, TLS CORE, TLS ACTS, 2 canisters of TLS Nutrition (chocolate and vanilla) which as 19 grams of protein and 10 grams of the only clinically tested fiber on the market) and your choice of a natural fat burner (one with caffeine-thermochrome-or one without caffeine – green coffee plus garcinia cambogia).  To view more details on these individual supplements, click below:

PURCHASE  NOW   What you need for the 12 week program:

  • 21 Day Challenge Kit
  • 90 Servings Isotonix B Complex
  • 90 Servings Digestive Enzymes with Pro-biotics
  • TLS Green Coffee plus Garcinia Cambogia OR Thermochrome
  • TLS Health Guide and Journal
  • TLS subscription (go to TLS site to subscribe.  Necessary for access to over 400 recipes, plus the videos)