Join My Team

For a long time after being introduced to TLS, I resisted it.  No network marketing or direct sales for this girl!  I thought you needed to already be an expert in nutrition, or already be in perfect shape.  I thought that to sell Motives Beauty you needed to be a Makeup Artist!  Yet here I am, the proud owner of an Unfranchise Business!  My Market America major is TLS.  It is because I love the program and the products are of a quality I am proud to stand behind!  I’m also considering specializing in Motives IN ADDITION to TLS.  That’s one of the valuable assets of being a Market America Unfranchise Owner-there are no limits to your productivity.  I have learned so much from this company.  On top of that, I am also eligible to earn a Shopping Annuity Bonus, and that is not even the limit!

 I am so grateful I get to attend school, be a parent and a partner and NOT need to report to a cubicle anymore.  I get to shape my own schedule and develop my own business of helping people reach their goals!  I urge you to join me.  You may be nervous, but I can promise you that you will have the mentor-ship and leadership you need to succeed.  I did-I have the most amazing mentors and leaders and they know me by my first name!  The best part of this is that you get to be your own boss while making a difference in your health, finances not to mention touching so many other lives!  If you are interested in learning more and finding out if this is a good fit for you, please CONTACT ME!