I FINALLY Found a Local Yoga Class That Actually SPEAKS to Me!

I am sure that I’m not alone in confessing that I used to find the thought of Yoga to be really boring and useless.  The occasional class I would try left me eager to leave the room and find a nice Malbec, or hop on a treadmill to work out the frustration that I thought Yoga was supposed […]

Weekly Workouts #5

Saturday 01/9/16 CARDIO DAY.  I went like Flash 3 times around my hilly development!  Ok maybe not like Flash.  One of these days I’ll talk about running with plantar fasciitis.  I ran for 42 minutes, and it took me around my neighborhood 3 times.  My average heart rate was 134 bpm, which was 74% of […]

Weekly Workouts #4

Well I’m happy to say that I stayed active this first week of the New Year and the coldest yet of this season! I had to force myself to do it though, and it was a MUCH lighter week than normal but hey-I’m glad to have some workouts to journal about!  

Weekly Workouts #3

It’s been a long week and I’m ready for some Christmas cocktails.  Well in my case a really good full bodied Cabernet or nice Malbec since I can’t stand the taste of the sweet drinks.  Maybe I shouldn’t be posting that at the head of a weekly workout post but peeps, it’s been a looong […]

Weekly Workouts #2

Saturday 12/05/2015 Yoga day at Crossfit Powerhour.  Another Crossfit member, Joelle was the instructor.  This wasn’t the hot yoga that I tried last week, although I REALLY liked that one.  I just couldn’t get to the class.  I am uncertain which kind of yoga this was called, maybe Vinyasa?  There was a little more emphasis on […]

Weekly Workouts #1

Saturday 11/28/2015 Cardio day.  The base has a great gym but Jim and I decided to keep it outside today.  4 mile run in lovely Niantic, CT.  It was such a treat to have flat ground to run on and really nice running alongside the ocean.  The sidewalks had ocean view almost the whole time and […]