My Take on Oprah’s Weight Watchers Message

Last week, in between studying for my classes I took a break and watched an on demand episode of Chicago Med.  I LOVE that new show!  It’s exactly what it sounds like and more!  It’s NBC giving ER another go around I think-but better!  The thing with on demand though is that you have to watch […]

Rose Flower Shaped Cake Pops + My favorite in-a-pinch cocktail that’s NOT sugary

This past weekend, my beautiful almost-Step Daughter Rose  turned 12 years old.  12!  Wow, I met her when she was in kindergarten going into 1st grade and MAN where has time flown to?!  I wish I was a genius scientist like Matthew McConaughey’s character in Interstellar and can figure out a way to jump back […]

How Fitbit is Helping Me Keep My Healthy Lifestyle and Reach Weight Loss Goals!

I’m 1 year in to my decision to change my habits and be healthy in all aspects of wellness.  In one year I’ve gone from a sedentary, sad person back to an active, happy chick always excited about something.  About 4 months into my transformation I started to wear an activity tracker.  I had tried out a few […]

5 Reasons to Splurge on Yourself

Do you feel guilty when you spend money on yourself or when you take time away from your family?  Do you sacrifice things you enjoy in order to save as much as you can for other people or things?  WELL let me tell you peeps that an occasional splurge or semi-frequent splurge is a GOOD […]

Misconceptions of Calorie Counting that Prevent Fat Loss

I think it’s safe to say that almost everybody knows someone that is watching their weight or trying to lose some of it.  I’m one of them.  The obesity crisis is definitely real, affecting families in many ways including overall physical, emotional and financial health.  More than half of Americans are overweight ***and more than a third […]

Weekly Workouts #6 + a version of a Crossfit Workout I did in my living room

Freezing weather kept me indoors and the spring semester started this week but I managed to get a few really great workouts in.  My 3 week winter break ended.  I had high hopes of reading at least 5 books and only managed 2, but hey that’s still pretty good.  I read The Martian (Christmas present) […]

Addicted to Motives® 10 Years Younger Setting Spray

I really only started wearing makeup late last year.  I previously never wore anything before, partly because of fear.  I was afraid to put anything but top quality stuff on my face but didn’t want to pay chanel prices for it.  But last year, maybe around August (coincidentally it was when I started losing my excess weight) […]

Why Crossfit has Been Great for me and I’ll Keep at it!

One thing I’ve always been aware of is that there is an endless debate that surrounds Crossfit.  I’ve known this since my days as a Generalist at American Medical Response in Hartford when I watched two of my co-workers kick ass at it and get in the best shape of their lives.  I looked into it back […]

My 2016 New Years Fitness Resolution

    I’ve been in the contemplation stage of my New Years Resolution for a few days now and I guess that’s ok because I know without a doubt a drunken New Years Eve vow really doesn’t work.  Previously I always made resolutions but last year was different because FINALLY I met mine and then some!  […]

How I Met and Exceeded My 2015 New Years Resolution

I have been thinking about what my 2016 resolution is going to be and I was trying to make it a good one.  Did you know that only 8% of Americans are successful at keeping their resolutions?  Well it feels great to be one of them!   I successfully met and exceeded last year’s resolution which […]