Maple-Sweet Potato Rosemary Stackers

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> I served these with our early Thanksgiving dinner last November but am just getting around to posting this now.  Hey, it’s been pretty busy and I’ve posted other exciting things too!  These stackers were absolutely gorgeous and tasted delectable!  Instant family hit, although as is par for the course […]

XXX Veggie Egg White Muffins

We frequently go through 1-2 jars of good quality organic salsa and or a really good hot sauce each week so when one of Jim’s colleagues-Bob Holland-gave him a jar of homemade spicy hot sauce as a Christmas gift we both were pretty psyched!  Hot Sauce is such an easy way to flavor up eggs, chicken dishes, […]

Red and Black Butternut Squash Chili

This version of chili is really just a blend of delicious yummy bits that all work really well together!  It’s hearty and seasonal with a slightly south of the border flare from the spices and black beans.   This dish and other variations of it will definitely be making reappearances here in our house.    My high […]

Pumpkin and Apple Egg White Pancakes

This recipe was an accident, but a fabulous creation nonetheless and I will make this again!  Egg white pancakes with delicious pumpkin pie and apple goodness blended with nutrition shake!  This is great for ANY menu plan. So by the way did anyone find any kitchen inspiration over the Thanksgiving break?  I did.  Jim and […]

YUMMY Cranberry-Orange Apple Sauce NO ADDED SUGAR

Tonight, we celebrated our Thanksgiving early.  Blended families have to do that-holidays are shared with the Ex’s.  This year, Rose and Brinton are with their mom for Thanksgiving and Rusty is with his dad-so we had our own little private Thanksgiving tonight.  I was excited about it because I got to cook our dinner TLS […]

DELICIOUS Grain and NEARLY Dairy Free Green Bean Casserole

I know more and more people that are hopping on the Healthy Train and I think it is super.  Even my sweet tooth son, my fiance and my two almost-step children have hopped on board!  Or they at least tolerate me and the next healthy food I’m going to serve them.  Issue is-the holidays are […]