About Me

My story, like many people is all about experiencing many journeys.  I am still sculpting my healthy space but I can tell you that I am within one right now.  Perfect or not, I am here!  It’s taken about 18 years of evolving, and ups and downs, obstacles and roller coasters but I’ve done it!  I did not start out my career as a Weight Loss Coach-I was going to be an acupuncturist.  Then I was going to be a journalist.  Then, I wanted to be a restaurant owner, a sonogram technician, and finally a nurse.  What I ACTUALLY did after I left college was work in Human Resources in the Health Care field.  I also got married, had a baby and got divorced and then found love again.  And like many people who spend their career sitting at a desk who also  experience life’s speed bumps and adventures, my body became a yo-yo.  It was down then up and down then up and down.  Sometimes I was small and sometimes I was medium and occasionally I was large.  I got so sick of it.  At the same time I was getting larger, my future sister-in-law was getting smaller and so was my future mother-in-law by participating in a program through TLS Weight Loss.  I told myself I wasn’t ready.  That I had too much going on.  That I really wanted my 2 glasses of wine at night, and those cheese and crackers after dinner.  That my family just wouldn’t tolerate not having a bowl of mashed potatoes along with that nice cut of beef.  That I wasn’t really cheating myself.  I didn’t have time or didn’t feel like exercising.  That everyone else plus work was more important.  That I wasn’t in a good place for a change.  It was too much.  I was too busy.  Kids had too much going on.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?    I bet it does!!!  Well-I also wanted to fit into my clothes again.  Having grown up very poor I am very cognizant of the cost of things and I did not buy a lot of “fat clothes”.  So I basically  had nothing to wear.  I also was avoiding people because I was embarrassed about my 35lb weight gain and I didn’t want to have any pictures taken of me.  There is a period of time where there are just NO pictures of me and the ones I have I absolutely couldn’t stand!  My future sister in law urged me gently to try her program….even bought some products for me plus the website subscription….and I took a look at it.  I tried it.  AND IT WORKED.  For the longest time, she was urging me to join her team.  I fought it tooth and nail, pooh-poohing all things network marketing and direct sales.  It wasn’t until my contract at J&J ended and I was facing big changes that I seriously started to consider it.  At that time I had decided that if I was going to change, I was going to change COMPLETELY and I had enrolled back in school to get a degree in Exercise Science.  For two years I researched and listened to all things TLS.  Finally, after two years of hemming and hawing and being on the receiving end of gentle urging, and with the support of my wonderful Fiance, I became the proud owner of a TLS business.  So here I am….a TLS Weight Loss Coach and a soon to be Certified Personal Trainer also!  I have since spent hours and hours coaching people and it is such a thrill to hear someone say “Kelly, my cholesterol is down” or “I’m down 1 inch all around in every spot-arms, legs, waist and I’ve lost 7 pounds!”  or “For the first time in forever, I feel in control”!  The best part is that I am a product of what I am selling-I am my own first success story.