What is TLS?

TLS is all about what works for you.  It is about education and implementation.  With TLS you learn to eat using the proper sources and proper amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.  TLS will be the last program you ever need!  It may very well be that you are a little confused because you have “dieted” before.  But what worked previously- (and for many people it may just have been calorie counting) just isn’t working anymore, right?  Did you know that each time you do that, your metabolism slows down 10-15% each time?  No wonder it isn’t working, because your body is constantly in fat storage mode!  But, don’t feel like you failed because the reality is, the diet failed you and you CAN be rescued!!

Which prior diet were you going with before?  A high protein, low carb?  A low-fat?  A low-calorie?  A carb-counting diet?  Some other trend diet?  It doesn’t matter because whichever one you were going with before, I bet it worked in the SHORT TERM.  HOWEVER, they just aren’t sustainable because none of the other programs out there teach HOW to eat, they just tell you WHAT to eat.  They do not improve or re-balance your metabolism; they only slow it down and cause a plateau!  Many people are really weary of being on this plateau and they do not know if they should be paleo, sugar free, count calories, use containers, look at points, go with high protein, eat less, workout more, or rush out and buy the latest proclaimed “superfood”!!  So look at these questions:

  • How much weight should you/do you want to lose?  Why haven’t you yet?  What is holding you back?
  • Do you overeat or do you not eat a lot at all?  Do you not feel satisfied?  Do you crave certain breads/pasta/cereal/sweet & salty?
  • Do you have stress?  (who doesn’t) Stress is emotional, physical, and chemical and contributes to being overweight
  • Do you have excess belly fat?  Is your overall body fat higher than it should be?  (women >32% Men >25%)
  • Have you ever worked with a coach to provide you with all the tools you need?
  • Are you looking for a lifestyle program that you can sustain long term and introduce to your families?

With TLS, you will choose the plan that is right for you.  You will fill out a quick profile and receive a recommended TLS Menu plan that will help you achieve maximum success.  And once you’ve lost weight with TLS, you’ll keep it off because TLS teaches you healthy eating principles that you can sustain your entire life.  TLS will transition you into a maintenance phase with low-GI menu plans that keep you healthy, happy and trim.

If you are ready to break bad habits and break through the cycle you’ve fallen into, the time is RIGHT NOW!  Are you committed to success?  It is easy to say you just aren’t ready but aren’t you tired of not being in your Healthy Space?  Do you want a coach who will keep you accountable?  Do you want to look and feel better?  Yes?  So, start right now!  Don’t wait…YOU are in charge of your health.