Homemade Almond Milk and Paste!

Ok, I’m really proud of myself!  I had HEARD that making homemade almond milk was easy and that it was delicious and so good for you yadda yadda yadda but it just seemed to me that it would be messy and just not cost effective.  Well, I was wrong!  So what did it for me was looking at the ingredients of an Organic Almond Milk I had in my pantry.  By the way peeps, Organic doesn’t always mean better!  And in addition to almonds, water, and vanilla, there was other “flavoring”, carrageenan and added vitamins.   It was only $3.19 but I don’t see why I needed other things besides pure almond milk for my recipe particularly when I’m pushing for healthy!  So I watched a few youtube videos (turns out there are many) of the many other bloggers that have tried and perfected this and gave it a whirl!  It was very very simple.

First, I soaked 2 cups of organic almonds in water overnight.  By morning they were soft to the teeth and the water they were soaking in was pretty cloudy.  Then, I took one cup of the almonds, 4 cups of water, 1 tsp of vanilla extract and blended it together in my Nutribullet.  Then, I poured the now white and frothy mixture through a cheesecloth into a container.  Never using cheesecloths again by the way-I’m buying nut bags no matter how much they cost because the cheesecloths were just a pain in the neck to handle efficiently.






The cool thing about straining the almond milk is that the pulpy ground up mixture that’s left inside the cheesecloth is now your almond paste that can be used in cookies, oatmeal, smoothies, pretty much anything you want!

This the paste that was left behind in the cheesecloth after straining the almond milk into a container.









Now, I have my own delicious, HEALTHY, organic Almond milk that I can use in my shakes, baking, coffee, pretty much whatever I would use milk or cream in.   I think today I’m going to flavor mine with chocolate and blend with a banana and my TLS Chocolate Nutrition Shake!