Day 7 of my TLS 7 Day Detox + What comes next?

motives_sprayYesterday was day 7 of my TLS 7 day detox and it was a little rocky-because it was day 7 and the end was RIGHT THERE.  I was ready for it to be done but admittedly-despite my mental desire for a latte I felt really great.  This is what detox is supposed to do!!!  Evenings are now much more energetic.  My yoga performance was WAY better yesterday than it had previously been.  I’m now able to attend class without showing up armed with caffeine-something I haven’t been able to do in about 8 months.  My mental clarity and focus is way sharper in the evenings, paving the way for extra evening accomplishments.  I met most challenges head on.  I managed to do this without any real new inspiration for my meals and snacks.  I read plenty of blogs and articles where near perfect men and women post gorgeous green smoothies and veggie meals.  But peeps, I’m busy.  I needed this to be easy and sustainable and this time around that meant detox approved comfort foods.
Admittedly, I was conflicted between sticking to my commitment and sprinkling some shredded cheddar cheese on my egg cups and having a latte with my girlfriends instead of the herbal mint verbena I chose instead.  Mornings are far easier now too, I’m waking up refreshed with glowing skin and accomplishing twice as much as I had been.  I feel lighter-and I should because according to the scale, I’m down 4.5 pounds.  Just about the weight of a sack of potatoes.
I began Day 7 per usual with my Isotonix and Nutriclean supplements.  Oh, and all week I’ve forgotten to mention the lemon juice.  AFter your Isotonix and before your Nutriclean fiber, you are supposed to mix the juice from half a lemon with warm water.  It tastes awful but it has amazing benefits for your liver and really your whole body.  Truthfully I forgot to do that about half the time.  I know, bad coach.  But I’ve never claimed to be anything other than human.

AM Breakfast:  MORE Egg Cups.
AM Snack:  Banana and an herbal tea
Lunch:  Salad
PM Snack:  Celery and Apple
Dinner:  Mixed veggies, salad, and some rotisserie chicken
I didn’t have an after dinner snack.

So what next?  I definitely won’t be able to keep my post-detox glow by jumping back into a diet filled with lattes, red wine, cheese and crackers and other various unhealthy nibbles.  Today, I will have NO LATTE just because I feel like it.  Some people find that detox completely eliminates cravings.  I found with me that my physical need for the food has been eliminated, but my MENTAL wanting is still there.  So I need to exercise will power more so than some other people I’ve spoken to that have followed the same detox plan, including a couple of my own clients!
So which TLS program should I follow now?  There was a relative lot of planning and deliberation that went into my detox.  Do I dive right in as zealously as I’ve previously had with a rapid results plan?  Do I move forward through the holidays with a Sure and Steady approach?  The beautiful thing about TLS Weight Loss  is that it is CUSTOMIZABLE to everyone’s lifestyle, including my own.  I think today and tomorrow will be an invigorating, fat burning Rapid Results day.
Christmas time is tough because it’s the season to eat drink and be merry.  Sometimes, the weight loss journey and path back to wellness is just one day at time.  Its a recovery process.  “I just have to get through this day without cheating.”  Or, “I just have to get through this social lunch”.  Or, “I just have to get through this meeting without nibbling”.  One meal at a time!

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