Day 4 of my TLS 7 Day Detox

I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t still aching for a large skim latte extra hot AND a glass of red wine but really and truly Day 4 delivered a day of sunshine and energy.  Huge improvement over how I felt on Day 1 and Day 2 and even Day 3 because my body is no longer withdrawing from bad foods.  I had no headache and my cravings were most definitely subsiding…It’s no longer torturous refraining from foods that work against detox.  I’ve remembered how wonderful my body feels when I put good, fresh whole foods into it.  And I still had an easy day even though I was met with challenges ranging from Breakfast with Santa, Alpalca Farm visiting, Lunch, grocery shopping and marathon movie night! I crushed all of it by refraining from ALL junk foods EXCEPT for trying to sneak a handful of Reindeer food and discovering a gob of glitter in it.  Karma’s a bitch.  Life lesson.  Even though I watched Rusty scarf down 2 hot chocolates.  Brat.
I wasn’t going to step on the scale until Wednesday morning but I couldn’t help myself.  I’m down 3 pounds!  yeah!

My body is still reacting well to the detox and everything is moving along as it should.  The nutriclean supplements that are crucial to a successful TLS Detox are seriously are the gentlest and most effective product I’ve ever taken.
Began my day with Isotonix, lemon water, and Release supplement.
Breakfast:  An egg white scramble with spinach, pepper, and onion.  Yummy and filling.  I was making egg cups and I had quite a bit of mixture left over.
Snack:  apple and some celery.  (I also had an extra egg cup even though I wasn’t supposed to.  We were heading to Breakfast with Santa and I did NOT want to be hungry and then walk past a table brimming with cookies, cakes, tea breads, bagels and all kinds of NOT TLS approved foods!
Lunch:  Salad from Christie’s in Clinton and some Tazo herbal tea.
PM Snack:  banana and some carrots
Dinner:  Turkey meatballs and salad.  (yeah, again.  not my most creative week.  Leave me alone ok peeps?)

I did not have an after dinner snack.  I had my Hepatocleanse and Release tablets at about 9pm.

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