Day 3 of TLS 7 Day Detox

You are what you eat and sometimes detoxing it out sucks!  The past few days have been a reminder that you WILL become what you eat and drink, and changing that is not always an easy endeavor.  After an awful day 2, I woke feeling much better which kept my morning bright.  I most certainly wanted my Riverside latte…but I didn’t have a headache and I felt good and ready to face the day’s challenges.  It was a play day for me-which wouldn’t normally be challenging because here’s what it consisted of:  Hair apt, lunch with girlfriends, happy hour with girlfriends, and the Clinton Christmas parade with the scouts!  Isn’t that just the kind of day most people would dream of having? YES, except for the last few months or so for me it would involve 1-2 lattes, 2-3 glasses of wine, multiple slices of cheese and crackers, possibly some cookies…and who the hell knows what else.  So I was about to face the day without ANY of that stuff.  I felt like a recovering alcoholic.  “I just need to get through this lunch”.  “I just need to get through the next hour”, “I just need to get through this dinner”.  Yep, I’m pathetic.  And yes, I DID IT.  (except for a bite of Rusty’s dinner at the diner” but other than that I really did do it”.

Began with my Isotonix, lemon water, and Release supplements.
Breakfast: MORE of the spinach veggie egg bake.  It’s been a LIFESAVER.
AM Snack:  Celery with Salsa and a banana for dessert
Lunch:  I had this really delicious salad from the Clean Plate, in Clinton, NJ
PM Snack:  raw veggies thanks to my friend Carrie.  She knows what it’s like on Detox!
Dinner:  I chose another salad with chicken
I didn’t have an after dinner snack this time.

I am continuing to feel much better.  I’m very happy that there not much going on this week because detoxing really does make you feel very tired at first.  I know it’ll pass but damn I wish I could’ve had a latte!  Today REALLY WAS MUCH BETTER though.  And  I swear I look in the mirror and see even less facial bloating…so I know my body is reacting well!

All this will be worth it in the end.  By the way can’t wait to go back to Crossfit but need to wait until I’m done with detox.  It’s not recommended to exercise too intensely during detox week.  It’ll come!

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