Day 2 of TLS 7 Day Detox

After completing Day 1, with some ups and downs I next survived an extremely rocky Day 2 of my 7 day detox.  Yeah, it was rocky.  At times painful.  The good news is that my body was already responding to the elimination of poor choice foods and the re-addition of all those veggies.  I noticed that some facial bloating was gone-always a positive.  My body was also reacting well to the supplements-it moved things along fairly smoothly!  I didn’t weigh myself-I’ll do that next week when I finish detox.  Never good to step on the scale daily.  The BAD news is I felt tired and most definitely like I was in withdrawal.  Yoga SUCKED.  I had a nagging headache from about noon onward even with Tylenol.  This happens during detox week frequently.  It’s your body telling you that you’ve been treating it like garbage by feeding it with a 1-2 large skim lattes every single day for 7 months.  Luckily I was able to nap for an hour before Rusty got home from school.  I just stayed comfy all day, cozied up on the couch with Rusty and watched Pete’s Dragon with him and caught up on Quantico. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with the outside world and thank goodness that was possible last night!

Began with my Isotonix, lemon water and Release Supplements.  Then:

BREAKFAST:  More of the spinach, veggie egg white bake.
AM SNACK:  clementines and cranberries (forgot to eat a veggie snack)
LUNCH:  I goofed.  Not supposed to have protein at lunch during the 7 day detox and I ate another slice of the spinach, veggie egg white bake on top of more spinach.  For my healthy fat I sliced some avocado on it.  PM SNACK:  I missed it…I napped and then made an early dinner for Rusty and I.  Not good…but it’s one day people so I’m not all that worried.
DINNER:  Turkey Meatballs with Marinara sauce.  Rusty had his with quinoa pasta and I had mine with salad.  I was lazy and used one of those pre-washed Dole salad kits and added in cucumbers and tomatoes.  I had a vinaigrette on mine.   Rusty likes Thousand Island. (gross)
AFTER DINNER:  since I didn’t have my 3rd fruit earlier, and I had a headache and I really needed something comforting,  I ate a banana.
FINISHED with my Release and Hepatocleanse.

Lots and lots of water all day long.  Bedtime was a blessing because my head was pounding and I was just flat out tired.  I was hopeful that the headache would be gone in the morning because this crap was just not acceptable!

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