Happy Friday + Wedding Planning has begun

Happy Friday Peeps!  I honestly feel like this week has flown by and dragged by at the same time.  Have you ever felt this way?  Like that the days are dragging, but when Friday hits you just want a day given back to you.  So, it’s been while since I touched my blog.  I’m back.  I took a LOONG hiatus for a bunch of reasons.  I think maybe I had an identity crisis.  It’s really tough going back to school as an adult, with three children, three pets, and a fiance.  I definitely have had moments the past 8-9 months where I’ve wished I could be alone and independent to do as I please with no accountability to anyone other than me, myself, and I.  A good thing has happened though.  I’ve made friends!  When I was working, it was just flat out impossible to get to to know someone, let alone several wonderful women all at the same time.  And now I DEPEND on them, NEED them, and COUNT on them, for our long coffee hours 1-2 times a week for my sanity.  I tell you, they were INSTRUMENTAL in healing my identity crisis.  Thanks girls.  You know who you are.  🙂
So along with what I’ve been calling my identity crisis, I’ve gained the Freshman 15.  Yeah.  At 37 years of age.  TLS kind of fell by the wayside while I was spending 12-15 hours A DAY with homework and kids.  (so did those coffee hours)  SO…so fix it…I’m going right back to the TLS lifestyle that worked so well for me and my family before.  I’m jump starting it with a TLS 21 Day challenge.  I’ve ordered my kit and I’m starting next week.  Probably Wed.
In other news-OUR WEDDING IS BOOKED!  Contract signed yesterday.
July 9, 2017 Jim and I will get married in front of about 80-100 people at Beneduce Vineyards in Pittstown, NJ.  I think it will be gorgeous.  Fun to plan.  Easy.  And I’ll write all about it, HERE on Healthyspacewithkellygrace.com!!!

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