Day 1 of TLS 7 Day Detox

I had my 3rd pre-calculus exam today and it was crazy hard but I think I did all right.  Which is good because otherwise all those hours spent at my dining room table would have been a total waste.  Well today I’m back to my commitment to myself to be healthy and happy.  The freshman 15 has crept on because I haven’t been taking care of myself.  I gained back all the weight I lost because I was not following a single aspect of my low-glycemic lifestyle and instead was regularly eating all kinds of unhealthy foods like pizza, stromboli, breads, cheeses, not to mention maybe an extra glass or two of wine when I should have probably gone for a run instead.  Back on track today, beginning with a TLS 7 Day detox.  I completed a very successful detox last year the first time I tried it and I crushed the 21 Day Challenge.

Day 1.  Woke up WAAAAY too early after hitting the sack at 3am!  Had my Isotonix and my NutriClean supplements which are essential parts of the  7 Day Detox.

BREAKFAST was a big slice of a veggie and egg white bake (recipe below) I had prepared the day before.  Jim provided my first challenge of the day by so sweetly bringing me a coffee.  I didn’t have the heart to remind him I wasn’t drinking it today.  Particularly because it was gas station coffee.  Which I used to be OK with until I acquired a taste for organic coffee.  And then furthered that taste with coffee from Riverside Cafe in Clinton.  Anyway I managed to escape him noticing I wasn’t drinking it because I had to run out the door for my exam shortly after the kids did.  On the ride to school I really started to feel my late night.  Proof in the pudding how badly I need a detox to completely reset my body and reinvigorate me.  Not that a 3am bedtime wouldn’t affect ANYONE.  But I was in trouble.  I really needed a pick me up or I was going to be nodding over my test and well I just couldn’t have that so I broke down and got a Starbucks Latte.  Very bad coach was I.  Shoot me.  BTW.  I hate Starbucks so much compared to Riverside Coffee.  But it did the trick.

AM Snack:  I missed it thanks to my exam.  2nd challenge of the day.  It would take some willpower to stick to the plan and not eat the first thing I found, but I refrained and just prepared a healthy lunch salad.

LUNCH was a huge bowl of greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado.

PM SNACK:  Clementine, raw cranberries, and some celery

By the way, I ran into one of my gf’s, who invited me to coffee.  So I put myself to the test.  DID I have the ability to socialize and stick to my commitment?   Thinking to myself, girlfriend-you’re in trouble and destined to be fat forever if you break down at the LEAST little hint of temptation….so I stuck to my guns.  I did it armed with a bag of cranberries and a clementine.  I LOVE raw cranberries…and they are SO good for you.  Anyway I gabbed for an hour and I didn’t touch a drop of caffeine, sugar, or starch!  OR CHEESE.  I miss cheese already.  One of the detox rules is no cheese during that 7 days.  It’s challenging for me because I could eat a huge chunk of goat cheese or feta all by myself.  But I refrained!  Next challenge was dinner.  Very nearly went downhill because I snitched a perogie and about 3-4 mini tortellini’s.  I made up for it by preparing some delicious green peas with some chicken broth.  A bowl of that with 3 oz of sliced rotisserie chicken turned my dinner around from a personal failure to a success.  (pretending to not have snitched that perogie)

DINNER:  Rotisserie chicken and a big bowl of peas
All around Day 1 went OK considering the error I made right off the bat + the dinnertime error I made.  By the way, there is NOTHING wrong with Perogie’s and Ravioli…they are just NOT low glycemic and therefore not conducive to my weight loss goals. 

Egg White and Veggie Bake


  • I use lots of fresh, chopped organic spinach. You can use frozen also, just defrost and drain it. I also chopped a red pepper and an onion and a packaged of pre-sliced mushrooms. Really, you can use WHATEVER veggies you wish to use.
  • Coconut oil or olive oil or non stick spray
  • Sriracha (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Rub a 9X13 casserole dish with coconut oil
  3. Chop spinach and place in casserole dish
  4. Heat a tablespoon or two of coconut oil in a saute pan
  5. Saute onion, pepper, and mushroom until soft. Do not overcook. (they are getting baked)
  6. Mix the veggies mixture into the casserole dish with the spinach
  7. Pour an entire carton of egg whites into the casserole dish with the veggies
  8. Sprinkle with srirach sauce or your choice of spicy sauce
  9. Bake for 45 minutes or until cooked through
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