Weekly Workouts #4

couple running sillouetteWell I’m happy to say that I stayed active this first week of the New Year and the coldest yet of this season! I had to force myself to do it though, and it was a MUCH lighter week than normal but hey-I’m glad to have some workouts to journal about!  
So Friday 1/1/2016 was a recovery day. I did squat. zippo. Well actually I did go outside and use my new jump rope. I asked for a jump rope sold by Rogue Fitness and Jeannine got it for me for Christmas. She rocks. Oh and I did do some light yoga moves. I practiced my warrior poses and gave up when I felt ridiculous. I need a coach. They are sure harder than they look-I’m not ever going to poo poo yoga. I just like the intense hot stuff better than the cool, calming meditative stuff. Maybe my brain is too loud and I like it that way.
Saturday 1/2/2015 I ran 15 minutes. That was once around my development hitting all the nooks and crannies. I don’t know what my heart rate was because I didn’t have my fitbit on but let me tell you-after not running for a couple of days it’s always higher! I wasn’t really into it that day. I was comfy. Always a dangerous mindset to be in because you have to fight not to sink deeper.
Sunday 01/3/15 I rocked! It was 28 degrees but I still layered up and dragged my lazy princess ass outside and ran 3 times around my development. It was a 50 minute run. My average heart rate was 120 which is about 66% of max but for a few minutes my heart rate was at 81% of my max. That was my best day out of the week-It got REALLY cold.
Monday 01/04/2016 Crossfit Day
This was an intense day. All bar work.I was sore from then up until yesterday when I had another crossfit day which made me sore all over again.
Warm up:
2 Rounds:
5 high hang snatch
5 Snatch Balance
2 Rounds:
10 Kipping K2E
10 OHS
So really felt like the Warm up was my work out but hey I always feel that way and have sung that song 20 times.
The actual WOD:
30 Snatches
30 Clean & Jerk
30 Thrusters
I did mine using only 25 pounds. WEAKLING. I can lift a lot more than that. But that was a lot of reps and one should never EVER sacrifice form for weight. That’s how Crossfit has a bad rap in some circles. I used a technique bar and added 5 pounds on each end. I started with a “grown-up” bar. 45 pounds I think it was. But right as I started the warm up I realized I could not start with 45 pounds, finish the wod and not injure myself. I don’t think I’d have been able to finish at all actually. Anyway so I dropped back to the technique bar and added the 10lbs for a total of 25.  RX for ladies was 65 so I was at 38% of that but hey.  Crossfit is all about scalability.  I think I finished the WOD in 11 minutes-I don’t remember. Luckily Nicki and Jake from Crossfit Powerhour keep pretty good records.
The next day I felt it.
Tuesday 01/05/2016
I had stayed up with Jim until 3:30am. He was replacing our sink and faucet after he already had spent quite a bit of time replacing the water softener and adding a whole house filtration system. He’s a die hard do-it-yourselfer and I don’t understand why he’s like that with EVERYTHING because he CAN afford to pay someone to do it. But I guess maybe he sees a higher value in sacrificing sleep and knowing he did it right the first time. Maybe after I’ve been in business for a little while I can contribute a bit more and INSIST he makes life easier on himself and pay someone who does that stuff for a living! Off on a tangent here but back to Tuesday. I was sore from the Crossfit WOD the day before and I think I remember it being something ridiculous like 9 degrees at 6am. That afternoon got up to 32 or 33 degrees though and I TRIED to run. I really really did. My body much prefers to be worked out before 7am. Going at 2pm is always much harder. No fitbit to tell me what my heart rate was-I had forgotten it. But I ran half my development, walked the other half. Ran three quarters of it, walked the rest. Walked a quarter, then walked back. I was cold too. And SORE. But hey at least I got out there. This is where I wished I enjoyed popping in a dvd and getting worked out from some beach body trainer that can’t see me-but I don’t.  I tried it-wasn’t for me.  Great DVD’s for people that like that though!
Wed 01/06/16
Rest Day. I really needed it and I’m not apologetic about it. It’s in the program!
Thursday 01/07/16 Crossfit Day
My shoulders were still a tad bit sore FROM MONDAY-I guess wasn’t that great about my mobility exercises.  MUST IMPROVE. But still performed fairly well.  The warm up as always was a great workout all by itself.  But that’s one of the features I absolutely love about Crossfit!
Warm up:
Min 1:  Max sit-ups in 45 seconds
Min 2:  30 OHS Hold  (This means hold a bar or pvc pipe in an overhead grip and squat and hold it)
Min 1:  3 OH Lunges (ea) (This means hold a bar or pvc pipe in an overhead grip and lunge
Min 2:  6 Single Leg KB Deadlift  (This means do a deadlift holding a kettle bell in one hand and slowly lifting a leg up behind you as lean forward to complete the deadlift)
15 Jerks
45 Pull-Ups
12 Jerks
36 Pull-ups
9 Jerks
27 Pull-ups
RX for ladies was 115 and RX for men was 165.  I used 35 pounds and was therefore at 30% of RX but like I said-better to have good form and lower weight than sacrifice form for weight.  I think I could have gone up in weight but after my performance on Monday I wasn’t so sure.  In my defense, I hadn’t been to Crossfit AT ALL the entire week of Christmas.  When you don’t do, you don’t gain.  In fact-you lose.  Something I need to remember.  Hope that tidbit helps you, too whoever may be reading this!!  I did my pull-ups by jumping. Next time I think I might try going back to the bands.  Overall it was a good workout.  Just a LOT of Pull-ups.  I can’t wait until I can do one-just one-UNASSISTED.  That will be a milestone of epic proportions!
Friday 01/08/2015
Rest Day.  Ok it’s been a light week.  I’m a little frustrated the cold came finally.  A little frustrated I have so many weaknesses and DOMS is really kicking my ass.  Tomorrow is another day.  A whole other week to meet goals and make new ones.




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