Weekly Workouts #5

couple running sillouetteSaturday 01/9/16
CARDIO DAY.  I went like Flash 3 times around my hilly development!  Ok maybe not like Flash.  One of these days I’ll talk about running with plantar fasciitis.  I ran for 42 minutes, and it took me around my neighborhood 3 times.  My average heart rate was 134 bpm, which was 74% of my max.  At one point my heart rate was up to 153 bpm.  That’s 85% of max-some pretty good cardio!

Sunday 01/10/16
Rest Day.  It’s in the program.

Monday 01/11/16
CROSSFIT DAY.  I was still very stiff from recovering from last week’s workouts without doing enough mobility training.  At least I know where the problem lies, or at least most of it!  Well I went to Crossfit Powerhour this morning stiff as hell but ready to get all limbered up.  The warm up consisted of hang power snatch’s+OHS’s, and hang squat stretches.  The problem I had with those being the warm up movements is that they were functional strength exercises and I felt like I needed a warm up for my warm up’s!   The WOD itself was an 8 minute running clock of 8 different functional movement exercises.  The whole hour looked like this:
EMOM 8 (this means every minute on the minute for 8 minutes)
2 Sets of Hang Power Snatch + OHS@ 25lbs (that means overhead squats)
3 Hang Squat Snatch@ 25lbs
8 Minute Running Clock; 1 minute each of:

  • Air Squats
  • Push Ups  (my knees were down for most)
  • Box Jumps (I used a 20″ box.  I should have been able to jump up but like I mentioned earlier I was stiff.  I stepped up instead)
  • Pullups  (I jumped)
  • Inverted Burpees  (I’ll go on and on about these in another post.  They are something else)
  • Wall Balls (I used 10lbs.  It was good, I’m getting stronger)
  • Burpees  (Love them.  NOT)
  • D/U (these are double unders.  That means for every jump, your rope needs to circle twice.  I can’t do them yet)

Have to be honest.  This wasn’t my best workout.  I don’t know if I didn’t work hard enough, or if it was just an odd combination, or what.  This was a workout that came directly from Crossfit, not designed by Jake.

Tuesday 01/12/16
CROSSFIT DAY.  Today was great.  And guess what, a dear friend of ours joined Crossfit Powerhour!  Bob Fodera, Attorney at Law is now a Crossfitter!  I love it.  I went to the 6am class like I usually prefer to do, and a half hour in when we are finishing up our warm up and getting ready to start the wod, the door opens and in walks Bob for one of his on-ramp sessions!  I couldn’t believe it!  Nicki had told me he joined but I really needed to see it for myself.  I AM SO THRILLED!  Anyway back to the workout.  I left feeling thoroughly worked out.  By the way T2B means TOES TO THE PULL UP BAR.  This means you make like doing a pull up but instead of pulling your chin over the bar you lift your toes up to the bar.  I finally got the correct movement down but do not yet have the core strength to get my toes up there.  Another goal set.
3 Rounds:
30 D/U’s
10 Russian Kettle Bell Swings@ 26lbs
3 Rounds
10 Kettle Bell Deadlifts@ 26lbs
20 Sit-Ups
3 Rounds of 3:00 on and 3:00 off

  • 6 Thrusters@ 25lbs
  • 6 T2B
  • 9 Thrusters@25lbs
  • 9 T2B

The reps were increased by 3 each time you started another set.  So after I finished 9 T2B’s, I then did 12 Thrusters.

Wednesday 01/13/16
CARDIO DAY + SKIING!!!!  It was REALLY cold, too cold to run outside and on top of that there was a thin sheet of snow on the ground anyway.  FINALLY got snow.  So I went to the Hunterdon Health and Wellness Center to treadmill it for a bit.  I ran on the hill setting at 5mp at level 10 for 20 minutes, then hopped on a rower.  I completed a 200 Calorie Row, and it took roughly 20 minutes.  I got my heart rate up to 83%!  My average heart rate though was 135, which is 73%, but that’s still pretty good!  I took the kids to Camelback Mountain after school got out at half day.  First time on skis in two years-and I think I did pretty good except for the lovely pizza slices I carve into the mountain.  Working on it.  It’s tough learning as an adult!

Thursday 01/14/16
Rest Day.  It’s in the program.  I was sore.  Those Toes to Bar’s are a GREAT core workout.

Friday 01/15/16

Crossfit Day+ Skiing tonight. Wow. WOW.  WOW.  What a cardio and endurance workout.  It was very low weight but high reps combined with burpees.  Those are always a great time.  So here is what the workout looked like:

3 Rounds:

  • 10 KBSDHP (Kettle Bell Suma Deadlift High Pulls.  I’ll talk about these later, in another post. I think these are controversial in the non-crossfit fitness world.)
  • 5 Slow Plate Front Raise
  • 10 Push-ups to Down Dog
  • 10 Lateral Jumps

27 Power Snatch@ 25lbs.
27 Burpees
21 Power Snatch@ 25lbs
21 Burpees
15 Power Snatch@ 25lbs
15 Burpees
9 Power Snatch@25lbs
9 Burpees

Then look at your time, and drop dead.  For a few minutes anyway.

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