Weekly Workouts #3

couple running sillouetteIt’s been a long week and I’m ready for some Christmas cocktails.  Well in my case a really good full bodied Cabernet or nice Malbec since I can’t stand the taste of the sweet drinks.  Maybe I shouldn’t be posting that at the head of a weekly workout post but peeps, it’s been a looong week.  Our blended family really blended it up this week and it’s tough!  But that’s another post for another day.  I think instead of a glass of wine I’m going to go in the other room and practice my yoga poses (Jeannine Margolis are you proud?) and go for a jog and practice some yoga poses some more.  Cause really-you can’t out-exercise bad habits and I’m not about to gain any back after all my hard work.  So there.  My foot hurts by the way.  I am SURE it’s plantar fascitis and I DON’T. WANT. TO. STOP. RUNNING.  By the way ladies, what brands/styles do you wear under your workout clothes?  I’m not being weird-I just need to go shopping.  Cotton or lace is so uncomfortable for both running AND crossfit.  Anyway:

Saturday 12/12/15

35 Minute Run around the development.  I didn’t have my fitbit on so no clue what my average heart rate was, but the place has got hills peeps!  My heart rate was probably at cardio for a bit!  It was also supposed to be a  yoga day but it got cancelled.  Rusty and I were the only ones signed up.  Seriously?  It’s that time of  year I guess.

Sunday 12/13/2015

Rest Day

Monday 12/14/2015

Rest Day

Tuesday 12/15/2015

40 Minute Run around around development.  Average heart rate was 139.  I was in Cardio zone for 30 minutes and the Peak zone for 5 minutes.  So that means I was working pretty hard at 75%.  I was up to 94% for a few minutes at 174.  Now-the fitbits aren’t PERFECT each time but they are pretty consistent.

Crossfit Too!!!  it was:  5 kips, 3 pull ups, 5 push presses and THEN 3 rounds: 10 overhead squats, 5 single leg raises. That was the warm up! The WOD was a 1000m row, 50 thrusters @35lbs, 30 pull ups. (I had to jump to finish the pull ups-I ain’t there yet!!!)  I did the thrusters almost all RX at 35lbs, except for the last set.  I’m getting stronger and less afraid of the weight and reps.

What are kips?   Well, a kipping pull-up is when you use a leg swing and hip movement to propel the body upward, helping you get your chin over the bar. It drastically decreases the force production needed of the arms to get up to the bar.  The Kip is simply doing the leg swing and hip movement.  The purpose of it in this particular workout is to “practice”.  It’s really hard to do.  I haven’t been able to do an actual Kip just yet.  Goals, people, goals.  So many goals.  I use resistance bands for all my pullups.  One of my many goals I’ve set since going to Crossfit Powerhour is to do at least one pull up in the next month or two without using a band.

Such a cool workout.

Wednesday 12/16/2015

30 Minute Run.  Well actually 27 minutes.  You try running, then Crossfit, then running again, especially on these hills!  My average heart rate was 138.  I got up to peak for 3 minutes at 163.

Thursday 12/17/2015

Another Cardio day with a 40 minute run.  It was a lighter day, my heart rate was average of 131 but that is still 70% so maybe not so light.  But I never hit peak.  It was still a great run.

Friday 12/18/2015

Crossfit Day and I loved it!   I didn’t want to go.  I didn’t want to run this morning either.  My running buddy couldn’t go today so I let that be my excuse to not run.  Then I felt guilty and decided to go to the 9am WOD.  I didn’t want to. My foot hurts, I have my period and I hate jumping.  Nicki and Jake post the workouts the night before so I already knew we’d be doing it.  Crap.  Well you don’t develop if you don’t DO, right?  So I did.  And I am so happy.  I did 70 box jumps at 20″ which is RX for the ladies.  What a great feeling.  I am sure Jake was proud of me.  🙂  The warm up was 3 rounds of singles (jump rope) and kettle bell SDHP (I’ll tell you what they are in a future post, I kind of don’t see the point of them) then 3 rounds of sit ups and pistols (which are single leg squats.  I was a little wobbly) and then a KILLER WOD that was FIVE yes FIVE rounds of: 25 Cal rows, 12 20″ Box jumps and 200m runs.   I was the last one done, and my friend Julie and a nice lady named Jill ran the last 200m with me.  I can’t wait for that WOD again because it’s just one of those things I know I’ll crush next time.  Today was the first day I jumped 20″.  I’ve been scared of those boxes up till now.  Well no longer!  I jumped on the boxes each and every round and I’ll do it again!


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