Weekly Workouts #1

Scouple running sillouetteaturday 11/28/2015

Cardio day.  The base has a great gym but Jim and I decided to keep it outside today.  4 mile run in lovely Niantic, CT.  It was such a treat to have flat ground to run on and really nice running alongside the ocean.  The sidewalks had ocean view almost the whole time and the neighborhoods that didn’t were really nice.  A few hills, but the type that I can laugh at after running here in the Country Acres Development!

Sunday 11/29/2015

1 mile run around the track at Camp Niantic.  It’s all that Jim and I had time for because we had to get going and meet the EX to get Rusty back and start our long drive back to NJ.

Monday 11/30/2015

45 minute run in my hilly development starting at 6:30am.  Kara and I ran together, Jim chose to stay in that morning.

And that night, I tried Hot Power Yoga.  It was GREAT.  I’m not really a fan of the slow yoga, but this type of yoga was AWESOME.  The instructor got right to it and the class was definitely challenging.  The first exercise was CROW.  Are YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?  I can’t even do a headstand push up or a full wall walk at Crossfit and you want me to come in here and get upside down using my elbows?  PLEASE.  But it was GREAT.  I have a new goal.  Do Crow amongst improve upon pretty much ALL the exercises.

Tuesday 12/01/2015


I don’t remember the warm-up but it was punishing!  I’m going to post these weekly and therefore journal daily, but for now just know that my warm-up sucked.  (In a great way)

I know we definitely did do a 500 m row for time and a few rounds of 60 singles, I just don’t remember what the other exercises were.

And for the WOD: 

“Frosty Envelope”

3 Rounds

500 Meter Row

12 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)

50 Double-Unders

Ok, so I can’t do DU’s yet.  I had to do 100 singles to make up for not doing the DU’s.  I’m working on it.  By the way I wasn’t the only one that can’t do DU’s.  But I’m not so sure that everyone else who couldn’t do it did the 100 singles?  Oh well.

Finished with TLS Whey Protein

Wednesday 12/02/2015



5 Rounds:

Toes to Bar


Side Pause Lunges

3 WW or 1 strict HSPU (Wall Walks/Head Stand Push Up)

And for the WOD:



3 Rounds:
Minute 1 – :40s Abmat Sit-Ups
Minute 2 – :40s Russian Twist
Minute 3 – :40s Flutter Kick
Minute 4 – :40s Plank Hold

Flutter kicks suck.  I’m actually better at plank holds than I am at Flutter Kicks.  Have to work on some leg mobility.  Yoga, I’m coming back.

Finished with TLS Whey Protein.

Thursday 12/03/2015

45 Minute Run in my hilly development at 6:30am with Kara.

Friday 12/04/2015



5 rounds:

20 sit-ups

10 Overhead Squats with pvc pipe

5 deadlifts

3 head stand push ups

And for the WOD:

“Majestic Banana”

21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3

Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

Toes to Bar

I didn’t try the 35lb bell but next time I will.  I started with a 15lb but it was too light.  So I moved to a 26lb and did pretty well, so next time I think I’ll do RX.

Toes to bar, geez my palms are killing me.  Those on top of all the deadlifts I did this week.  So are my shoulders.  Killing me that is.  Grrr.

Jim and I went together.  I LOVE it when we can both do the same WOD.  It’s so awesome that this is something we can do together.  He wows me at the Box.

And later on:

30 minute run.  It really sucked this time because I had already worked my ass off at Crossfit, it was the middle of day, and my body is adjusted to running first thing in the morning at 6am.  Plus I think I have a case of Plantar Fasciitis and that just blows.  I ran with Kara, and she said she was feeling a little blah about the run it too.  But hey, we got it done.  And our development is NOOO joke, there are some KILLER hills.

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